Richard Dreyfuss’s Performance In The Lightkeepers

Period costumes can make or break the atmosphere of any production. In the film The Lightkeepers, homepage, early 20th century attire was displayed beautifully. The movie takes place in 1912 in Cape Cod. Clothing from that time period reflected the Edwardian Era of design. Edwardian style refers to designs inspired by Queen Victoria’s son, Edward. By the time he had reached the throne in 1901, his influence on clothing was far reaching. His preference for luxury and beauty can be seen throughout the Edwardian Era. The Lightkeepers costumes stayed true to these designs. The clothing and set designers had the task of researching clothing from the film’s time and place.You can find a quick rundown here While the research might have been easy, the design configuration for this style of clothing is not. A small but talented team of fashion designers took on the task of making these beautiful Edwardian clothes. Each dress was scrutinized to ensure it reflected true Edwardian authenticity. Skirts had to be perfectly tailored to ensure properly length and form. Shirts and vests were also hand designed to ensure proper appearance. Once one witnesses the costumes in The Lightkeepers, he or she will truly understand how clothing can set the stage.

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